Aeroskobing Shipyard

Aero, Denmark, shipyard painting

1st Place Award 2017 Signature American Watercolor Exhibition

1st Place SDWS Member Show June 2024

Juror Daniel Foster selected this painting as first-place out of over 240 entries.

Foster commented “It is a powerful piece that owns the room when you see it. It’s an innocuous scrapyard, resting junk, that nonetheless has been created with great weight, color sensibility, texture, and depth. I love the shadow play, the mutedness of it. The central BBQ with hood is a great central feature:  powerful and balanced with everything that plays nicely off it.

It is an atypical perspective in terms of symmetry. I really like the size/scale of the painting which reveals that artist’s confidence and ambitiousness with her art practice. My eye keeps moving around in it and finding nice places to land, and there are enough places in the work to keep it stimulating and not becoming stale.”